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Practice has learned that too often lawyers and their clients take the law or legislative reasoning at face value. Since C&R.L has been involved in the legislative processes of new laws, it has become evident that there is more to it than meets the eye. Knowledge of the actual background of legislation and jurisprudence (for instance, against the perspective of EU legislation and rulings) can drastically change your case in your favor.


MedTech industry:  coordinating highly specialist lawyers & delivering commercial legal advice (2023)

Drafting tailormade services-agreements (2023)

De-escalating disputes in diverse customer-supplier relationships (2022)

Advice concerning dividend resolutions in the tech sector (most recent in 2022)

Resolving disputes in agency and distributor relationships (2021)

Closing a distressed M&A deal in the production / technology-business (2020)

What clients say

“Quick strategic analysis and above all, very practical solutions.”

Jan de Bruijn, CSi Industries

“Leaves literally no stone unturned to protect your interests. Glad to have him on our side of the table.”

Pim Schoonenberg, Fresh & Rebel

“Certainly an experienced, consistent and reliable lawyer”

Willem Hofman, Sitecom Europe B.V.

Delivers a commercial assessment and approach of complex issues

Gerard Zwijnenburg


“The fastest way to close a deal or resolve a dispute, is to call Robert”
Percy Thio
Thio Pharma Holding

“A lawyer that not only thinks ahead, but also acts ahead.”

Hans Biesheuvel