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Challenge the status quo

Practice has learned that too often lawyers and their clients take the law or legislative reasoning at face value. Since C&R.L has been involved in the legislative processes of new laws, it has become evident that there is more to it than meets the eye. Knowledge of the actual background of legislation and jurisprudence (for instance, against the perspective of EU legislation and rulings) can drastically change your case in your favor. 

What you need is a law firm that is dedicated to establishing that the “status quo” is not categorically the final truth that will hold up in court (if it would come to that at all). 

Finding and exploring new possibilities requires an optimistic and, some would even say, entrepreneurial state of mind. Optimism is an exceptional factor. It multiplies itself and has the capacity to transform obstacles into structures for renewed and improved results. 

For whom

C&R.L acts in the interests of sophisticated companies, their CEOs, CFOs and COOs who are engaged in significant positive or adverse changes in the near future. Whether it be an important M&A transaction, contract dispute, investment / disinvestment, the collection of a large claim, imminent threats to the continued existence of their businesses, or the reversal of discriminatory business practices. 

C&R.L is regularly engaged by other lawyers to render advice to their clients, therefore, acting as a “lawyer’s lawyer”. C&R.L also renders second opinions for corporations and management teams.

If you are acting in the best interest of your business or the business of your client, and you would like to optimize commercial success or prevent (your or their) liability as director, shareholder, or supervisory director, C&R.L is there to help and guide you.