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Strategic Alliance

Best of both worlds

C&R.L has a strategic non-exclusive alliance with CORPTECH. It concerns largely (ad hoc) cases where the parties can complement and strengthen each other, exchange know-how, or join forces on larger assignments.
CORPTECH and C&R.L are and shall remain separate companies and they do not operate under a joint name, and they do not share profits or risks. Likewise, they have no say or interference in the practice of the other, nor do they share such say or interference. The fact that they are registered at the same address, does not change any of the above.
Apart from the foregoing, CORPTECH serves as backup in the rare cases C&R.L is (temporarily) unable to assist its clientele.


C&R.L has continuously worked in an international environment and operates via the most specialized non-exclusive referrals suited to represent your case.
Due to its strong involvement in Dutch legislation, C&R.L knows how to interpret Dutch law and the fundamental impact of EU law on Dutch corporate & recovery legislation.
International aspects are also kept up to date via its Membership of the Royal Netherlands Trade Law Association, NACIIL (Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law) and the Netherlands Association for Insolvency Attorneys (INSOLAD)