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Corporate & Commercial for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and the companies under their control


Negotiating and drafting international commercial contracts (sale & delivery, agency, distribution, franchise, general terms & conditions)

Negotiating and drafting corporate contracts (such M&A-documentation, shareholder resolutions, term sheets)

Advice concerning managing director liability, dividend decisions, instruction-authority of shareholders, role of supervisory boards and works councils

Litigation M&A related matters (such as guarantees, earn-out arrangements, multiplier / purchase-price litigation, non-compete arrangements, liability of third parties and directors in view of M&A)

Advice concerning adverse effects of M&A, legal merger and split-up, subordinated loans, and pledge of shares



Recovery for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and the companies under their control


Advice and litigation for (unsecured) creditors and the effects of insolvency on international contracts

Examining / challenging the “Dutch Scheme”- / WHOA proposals and insolvency aspects of M&A-deals

Advice and litigation for CEOs, CFOs and COOs of companies in distress

Assistance and litigation against managing directors of third parties

Assistance and litigation against bankruptcy trustees

Assistance and litigation in relation to (expected breaches of) bank covenants

Advice and litigation regarding appropriate insolvency measures

Advice and litigation for suppliers of companies in distress

Challenging rights in rem vested by third parties and suretyships