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Salvaging your business, your reputation, and your entitlements

Matters regarding recovery and insolvency may seem harsh and prompt reputational damages or managing director liability. The most common reaction is to counter by taking vigorous action. However, practice has proven that the following primary characteristics of an experienced attorney are vital for a solid solution and survival:

  • Cool under pressure
  • Ability to make a quick determination of the actual problem and not the symptom
  • Trustworthy reputation and second-to-none knowledge of the specific legislation (see NRC or VSCC).

It is through experience and expertise that a quick, yet stable, communication with key stakeholders can be accomplished. C&R.L provides this experience – giving top-management peace of mind and allowing them to spend more time on the stability of their daily business.

This speed and steadiness have proven valuable in cases where your business partners claim that they are (“suddenly”) confronted with looming recovery scenarios / insolvencies, such as the Act on the Confirmation of Extrajudicial Restructuring Plans (WHOA).

In these cases, you need to be sure that your attorney quickly finds the proper pressure points to prevent that the impending insolvency of your business partner does not become a problem for your organization or its continued existence.

Moreover, C&R.L is known and respected by our competition and has proven to be very effective.