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Milieu & Recht 2023:

Insolvency law is bankrupt in cases of environmental damage (authors S.B. Jonasse & R.C.M. van Moorsel)

INSOLAD Year Chronicle 2023:

Rights are lost by abuse. And so a clean INSOLAD mission for trustees and other damaged parties in cases of environmental damage (authors S.B. Jonasse & R.C.M. van Moorsel)

Ondernemingsrecht 2019:

WHOA for all, divide the bank bonus (authors A.L. Jonkers & R.C.M. van Moorsel)

Tijdschrift voor Insolventierecht 2017:

Food for thought. The undeniable judgment of the EU Court in the case FNV c.s./Smallsteps

Financier Worldwide May 2012:

Leveraged Buyouts and Liability of Financiers

F.INC Finance Incorporated ConQuaestor Nov/Dec 2006:

Liability of controllers and MDs

Het Financieele Dagblad 2006:

Director under pressure. Consequences of flexibility of Dutch company law

Het Financieele Dagblad 2004:

Capital must be protected. Not destroyed

Tijdschrift voor Insolventierecht 2003:

One source of confusion is sufficient. Second thoughts on amendments in local legislation as a result of the EU regulation on insolvency proceedings (RvM & Giorgio Cherubini) (also published in Restructuring and Insolvency Handbook 2003/04)

Weekblad voor Privaatrecht, Notariaat en Registratiel (WPNR) 2002:

The acquisition of registered shares and the “Actio Pauliana”

Het Financieele Dagblad 2002:

Liability MDs supports continuity

Dossier 2001:

How to judge security documentation

Directors Bulletin 2001:

The director/sole shareholder. Failed attempt to pierce the corporate veil



Publications Corporate Law section in tax weekly VakstudieNieuws (Kluwer) from 2000 to 2011.

Introducing Flexibilization in Dutch corporate law.

New rules for ongoing supervision of legal entities.

Flexibilization bill for BVs to Dutch Senate.

Social Enterprises Act.

CETECO, Claims liquidators against directors, supervisory directors and parent company Hagemeyer.

ABNAMRO, ABNAMRO. Supreme Court rules on shareholder approval in sale of business.

Corporate law. Explanation provisions in takeover contract. Tax-claim against seller or target?

Supreme Court ruling. Liability director arises due to untimely deposit of annual accounts.

Liability. Mismanagement. Supreme Court softens consequences of ‘mismanagement’.

Liability tax advisor. Scope duty of advice?

Legal structure treated as partnership.

Cancelled negotiations. Duty of compensation.

European Cooperative Corporation. Bill implementing Regulation (EC) No 1435/2003.

Court confirms extrajudicial restructuring plan.

“Actio Pauliana” in case of refinancing.

“403-statement”. Liability parent company for obligation to damages after termination of lease?

Dismissal statutory director under corporate law. Consequences for employment-agreement.

The introduction of the “European Corporation”.

Note from the Minister of Justice on modernization of corporate law.

Change in the regime for two-tier boards. Corporate Governance Code.

The Supreme Court draws sharp lines in case of representation by the board in case of a (potential) conflict of interest.

Loan structure allowed in the case of acquisition of shares and guarantee.

Note from the Minister of Justice on how to deal with bankruptcy fraud.

Amendments to the Bill on Formal Foreign Companies.

The end of the Dutch principle of territoriality? The European Commission’s Regulation on insolvency proceedings.

Bankruptcy of a limited partnership. Failed attempt by the liquidator to hold the limited liability partner liable for the debts of the limited partnership.

Liability of a tax advisor for failing to carry out its assignment and special duty of care. How to deal with conflict of interest?

Piercing the corporate veil. Personal liability of a professional advisor.

Professional service provider/client relationship. Liability lawyer failing to exercise his duties.

Amendment of Book 2 Dutch Civil Code in connection with preventive supervision.

Introduction euro: conversion guilders into euros.

Provision for special risks in financial statements.

Extrajudicial settlement. In this case, no obligatory acceptance.

Is a claim for legal interest against the State on the basis of tort included in the transfer.