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Track record

Reviewing, correcting and completing clients AI generated contracts

Resolving corporate disputes for companies and managing directors in three separate matters (Q1, 2024)

Achieving favourable exit for investors in industrial scale-up (2023)

Defence counsel for managing directors in corporate disputes (2x, 2023)

Resolving vital settlement in an extrajudicial contract dispute (2023)

Advice regarding three separate management incentive programs (2023)

MedTech industry:  coordinating highly specialist lawyers & rendering commercial legal advice (2023)

Drafting tailormade services-agreements (2023)

De-escalating disputes in four different supplier-customer relationships (2002)

Advice concerning dividend resolutions in the tech sector (most recent in 2022)

Resolving disputes in agency and distributor relationships (2021)

Closing a distressed M&A deal in the production / technology-business (2020)

Representing a seller of a large M&A deal in the pharmacy sector (2019)

Resolving M&A purchase price disputes in several cases and collecting a large earn-out claim (2018)

Acting on behalf of management in a large family-owned greenhouse business (most recent in 2018)

Acting on behalf of the management in the cruise industry (2017)

Acting on behalf of sellers (M&A) in the incentive business (2016)

Acting on behalf of the management of a large retail production company for over 15 years

Acting on behalf of the management of an important contract research organization for over 20 years

Acting on behalf of the management of a large pharmacy chain for over 18 years