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Specific advice for lawyers acting for shareholders in two separate WHOA proceedings (2023)

Acting for shareholders in an averted WHOA procedure (2023)

Acting against bankruptcy trustees in the retail business, healthcare business, construction business and transportation sector (most recent in 2022)

Realizing 100% payouts to all unsecured and secured creditors in five different bankruptcies (most recent in 2021)

Acting on behalf of several individuals contesting surety claims against large banks (most recent in 2021)

Successfully safeguarding retention-of-title claims in six large retail bankruptcies (most recent in 2020)

Acting on behalf of a lessor of a large retail client (2019)

Acting on behalf of clients who are illegitimately accused of offenses (most recent in 2019)

Acting on behalf of the management in a large printing business in troubled times (2015)